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Not sure which license is for you? A couple of helpful hints:
1.) A "License Purchase" allows you to keep the media and a "Single Screening Rental" is for a one-time showing. 
2.) Select the license type that best matches your organization type.

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1. Media: Select the media type, such as DVD, Blu-ray, or digital streaming (please note: only the available formats will be listed for each film).

2. Institution Type: Choose your institution type from the following options: K-12/Public LibraryNon-profit Organization (if no option for Non-profit, select University), and University.

3. Term Length: Alongside the Institution Type you’ll need to select how long you want the film.
License Purchase: You keep the media
Single Screening Rental: One-time showing

4. Audience Size: How large will your audience be? (If your audience size is not listed please continue requesting a quote below.) After selecting the audience size for either option please follow the prompts for checkout.

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Please Note:
➤ Pricing options provided are good for one physical location. We do have pricing for multiple venues if you are interested (continue this form to Request a Quote).
➤ For Digital Site License (DSL) orders, our team will be in touch within 2 business days after you have placed the order to set up access for your institution.
➤ Orders needed within 3 weeks are subject to rush fees.
➤ Pre-payment is required for all orders. Pre-payment can be through credit card (via Tugg Edu’s website), institutional check, or institutional Purchase Order.

Checks Can Be Mailed to:
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Attn: Receivables
4210 Spicewood Springs Rd. Ste#200
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Purchase Orders Can Be Emailed to:

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